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Q1) In which company have you been placed and describe your job role?

ANS- I’m placed in Tata Motors and my role is GET (Graduate Engineer Trainee). It is a core domain job.

Q2.) In which clubs and societies, you were part of and how did they help you?

ANS- I was part of two societies- EEESoc and ECESoc. I was recruited in both of these club in my first year only. I joined EEESocso that I can connect more with my seniors.

Q3.) What are the technical skills that are important for EEE graduates?

ANS- Basic knowledge of Electrical and Electronics. Keep your basics strong so that you can explain something to someone. Also maintain your cgpa.

Q4.) When and how did you decide between core and software job also mention the ideal time according to you?

ANS- In the first year after completing the PPS course, I understood that coding isn’t for me and then I focused on the core subjects. According to me the ideal time for deciding between software or core job is the Fifth semester.

Q5) How can one use time efficiently and manage their time between academics, extra-curricular activities along with project learnings, job-based skills and social life?

ANS- You don’t need to manage all of this. I just tackled whatever came in my path and everything worked out. You have to just prioritize your goals.

Q6) How much cgpa should one maintain in order to be allowed to sit in an interview for any core company?

ANS- For core company your cgpa should be 8 or above. If your cgpais more than 8 then you will be allowed to sit in the interview of almost all the companies. For IT companies you should maintain your cgpa around 7.5

Q7) Where did you pursue your internship and is it necessary to have an internship for good placement?

ANS- I made some projects and did some training. Getting an internship is very good but if you couldn’t get any internship then you should work on your skills to be able to sit for good companies. Internship isn’t the last resort since Internship opportunities are much less than job opportunities.

Q8) What other activities except academic studies did you engage in your four years of BTECH including projects and how did they help you in your placements and internship?

ANS- In my first year I attended almost all the workshops/events. In my second and third year (lockdown period) I explored my interests. Mainly I focused on my core subjects. I practiced aptitude and PYQ of competitive examinations.

As far as extra-curricular activities are concerned, I have interest in the field of finance so I also explored about that.

My first project was a basic battery level indicator that I made during my third semester. It tells about the amount of charge in the battery and the percentage of charge consumed. My second project was public employed server based application. I also participated in E-yantra. In that I made a robot with a specialised arm that can pluck a seed and plant it somewhere else. In that I reached till Part B of the Fifth stage.

Q9) What was the selection procedure of your company, how did you prepare for it and what was the toughest part of the interview?

ANS- Companies come in the POD. You must have already registered in POD then you have to apply in the respective company and upload your resume. After that you have to wait for the company’s requirement test. Like in case of Tata Motors, I got a time period of one week for the test. After the test, the names of the students who are shortlisted is released. Those who are shortlisted can appear for the interview that consists of two rounds- Technical interview and HR interview. In the technical interview , I was asked questions based on electrical vehicles mobility and power electronics along with AC and DC machines. Since it is vehicle company so basic Mechanical engineering questions were also asked. You should also be aware of the Government guidelines imposed on vehicles. You must also have a firm knowledge about the company like vision of the company, its working and its various plants across the globe, etc.

The toughest part of the interview for me was the question, in which it was asked that what will you do if you have to improve the aerodynamics of the car and increase its range. The answer to this question consists of six to seven points but at that time I answered only three-four points.

Q10) If we don’t get placed in the right company according to our aspiration then what should we do?

ANS- If you don’t land on you aspired company then you can apply for that company through its website. For ex- If you are currently placed in a consulting company like PwC and you want to switch to a core company like Tata Motors then you can prepare for it in your free time as you will get a lot of free time working in a consultancy company.

Q11) What are the subjects from courses and outside the courses to pay attention to get core company jobs?

ANS- Firstly you should focus on your respective branch subjects and maintain a decent cgpa. Secondly, if you are targeting a specific company then explore about that company like its field of work, its requirements. On the basics of this you can search courses on online platforms like Udemy or Coursera.

Q12) Which firms solely hire EEE students and what are they?

ANS- As such there is no EEE specific companies. For Ex- Tata Motors allowed four branches- CS, IT, ECE & EEE. Schneider Electric allowed ECE & EEE. Some other companies are Orient electric, LnT, Volvo, etc.

Q13) What are your future plans?

ANS- My current plan is to just continue with my job. I want to learn how the company works and apply my engineering knowledge at my job and get a hands-on experience.

Q14) What piece of advice would you give to each year students?

ANS- First year students can explore all domains and enjoy the college life.

Second year student must decide their goal i.e., Software or core and start their preparation accordingly. Students must thoroughlystudy their respective subjects.

For Third year students- if they can improve their cpga then they should as the companies will start arriving for campus placements in the Seventh semester.

In the Fourth year, students must practice aptitude questions and solve PYQ of competitive examinations. Students must also work on their reasoning, logical thinking, puzzle solving & communicationskills and should prepare for interviews.



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