Walmart Interview Experience

1.Which company have you been placed in and what’s the job description?

>> I have been placed in Walmart Labs for software development. My designation is SDE-II.Labs is basically the tech arm of Walmart.

2.Tell us something about your college life and experiences. Were you part of any clubs or societies throughout your college life and how did they help you?

>> I had an amazing college life and a group of close friends throughout. These friends have been a great influence, and I am grateful to them for making my college life fulfilling. Yes,I was a part of Photographic Society (PSoc) and a couple of other clubs. Participating in activities as a member of PSoc was a major part of my college life, and I have a good bonding with my seniors as well as juniors there.

3. What message would you give to the first and second year undergraduates on effectively using their time and maintaining their academic as well as social life?

>> It is very important to maintain decent grades. The first criteria that companies use to select students for internships or placements is your academic GPA, so it is very important to maintain a decent GPA of at least 7 or above. As for social life, be an active member of whatever club you are associated with. It is the place where you can make new social connections and friends, not to mention gain valuable mentorship from seniors. Try to interact with people everywhere. At the end of the day, this will help you not just in your personal life, but in your professional life as well. Don’t limit yourselves; explore everything and have fun.

4.How do you discover that “this particular sector” is suitable for me or I have interest in this? How do you carry forward in this?

>>Give every field a try, whatever strikes your interest. Only once that you have a first-hand experience of different fields, will you be able to judge whether you are good in it or not. This experience is extremely valuable. Always try to explore more and more, one never knows what might interest you. Never stop learning.In my case, this led to me finding out about programming and software development, film making, and photography as fields I really like.

5.What are the technical skills that are important for EEE graduates?

>>I am not the best person to answer this, because most of my knowledge is in other fields like software development and computer science. But as a EEE graduate, you should know the basics. For example, if someone asks you about Ohm’s Law or “What is resistance?”, you should have an answer ready. But the most important thing is to be proficient in whatever field or specialization you are most interested in. Having a ‘T’ shaped knowledge, as in having a general idea of many fields, with deep knowledge in one particular niche is the best.

6.How early should one start preparation for internships, and how important is an internship? Where did you pursue your internship?

>> I didn’t have any internship in my 3rd year. But I had peers with internships, and I can say that internships in 3rd year are definitely beneficial. One major advantage is that the majority of the companies offer PPOs after the internship, after which you do not have to sit for placements in your 4th year. Not to mention, internships are a great learning opportunity.If, like me, you do not manage to get an internship in your 3rd year, don’t get disheartened. It is okay, and you will get many opportunities. Use this time to prepare yourself so that you can seize whatever further opportunities you get.Adding to this, it’s always better to start early. I started my preparation in the winter break in my 3rd year, with the corona-vacation comprising of the bulk of studying. However, for software companies, starting 2–3 months before the placement season is fine, provided you can devote enough time to studying every day.

7.What are the projects you have done in 4 years and how did they help in your placement and internship?

>>I had done a little bit of coding in my 1st year, mostly due to the good competitive coding culture in our college. After my first year, I got engaged in other activities (mostly photography and graphic design), and programming was placed on the back burner.However, in my 3rd year, I started 100 days of code, which I’ll say was the stepping-stone leading to my comeback to programming. I learned android programming and backend development and made a basic chat app, a WhatsApp clone. During this lockdown I made a couple more projects, one of which was a Physics Engine. This project was something unique that is not commonly attempted by many. Interviewers were intrigued with this project, and anything that makes you stand out from the crowd, is an advantage.

8.What was the selection procedure of your company? Can you repeat some of the important questions from each round of your interview?

>>The selection procedure for Walmart consisted of an online test, followed by 4 rounds of interviews.The online test consisted of one question related to data structures and algorithms, and MCQs consisting of aptitude questions, and questions from CS subjects like operating systems, database systems, and computer networking. It was important that you perform well in both the sections in the limited time to get short listed.The interview rounds tested my knowledge of algorithms and data structures, and computer science in general. The last two interviews also focused on behavioral skills.

9.How to choose and apply for internships, so that we can make our way in the right company that we want to join?

>>First thing, you need to know yourself — the fields you are interested in. After that, it is a matter of simple research about the companies where opportunities are available. Many of these companies also visit our college for placements. Once you have this part down, make sure to prepare yourself accordingly. There will be many opportunities, make sure that you have the preparation to benefit.

10. Please tell us something about the Training and Placement Portal of our college.

>>In third year, access is provided to the TnP Portal. Announcements regarding companies, career events and dates are posted there.

11.What are your future plans? Would you like to go for higher studies?

>>In the immediate future, I’d like to gain some experience in the corporate world. After that, I would love to do my master’s from abroad.

12.“Every coin has two sides”. Despite knowing the demerits of IT sector, why did you choose this?

>>There is one simple fact: wherever you are, there is always someone or something better. One should strive to be always learning, always making progress in whatever field they are in, and external demerits will not matter.




Welcome to the official page of the Electrical and Electronics Engineering Society (EEESoc), BIT Mesra.

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EEESoc, BIT Mesra

EEESoc, BIT Mesra

Welcome to the official page of the Electrical and Electronics Engineering Society (EEESoc), BIT Mesra.

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