BAJAJ Auto Ltd(BAL)-Project Intern Interview

Name: Vivek Subhash Shinde

1.Which company have you been placed in and what’s the job description?

→ Currently I am working as a Project Intern at BAJAJ Auto Ltd (BAL). And speaking of the job opportunity, they (BAL) do extend FTE offers to the interns. I would prefer to make further choice depending on the job profile offered by them.

2.Tell us something about your college life and experiences. Were you a part of any club or society throughout your college life and how did they help you?

→ My college journey was awesome. I am grateful to all my friends who were instrumental in opening me up and making me realize the way to tackle the curveballs from my life. I would like to express my gratitude to a senior from whom I learnt the quality of being patient and that had made all the difference.Yes, indeed I was in tech clubs like IETE BIT Mesra Students’ Chapter and EEESoc. Both of them helped me to discover my fears and provided the opportunities to overcome them both professionally and individually. They were more than a club for me and made me a better individual.

3.What message would you give to the first and second-year undergraduates on effectively using their time and maintaining their academic as well as social life?

→ I think the 4 years that we devote to our college life are the only ones in which we have almost all the resources, freedom, time and energy required to learn and explore anything we want. Later on responsibilities pop up and you can’t avoid those. Don’t waste these precious moments pleasuring yourselves and others, instead step out of your hut and spend time with your friends. They’ll take care of your social life. Also try acquiring new skills while focusing on your weaker threads as well.Along your journey you’ll definitely come across some mushroom heads advising that CGPA don’t matter. It’s true to only 1% of the people around you. Believe me you’ll miss some of the great opportunities due to low score. Just give all that you’ve got, score the best you can. CGPA is important but it’s not the only thing you got to work on in these 4 years. Focus on your profile building.

4.How did you discover that “this particular sector” is suitable for me or I have an interest in this?

→ One should always keep exploring various fields by practically implementing them in form of various ambitious projects. The day you come across a field or technology that excites you more than the most beautiful homo sapient in your surroundings, it’s an indication that you got the one you were wondering for.

5.How early one should start preparing for internships and how important an internship is? Where did you pursue your internship?

→ The early the better. Internships provide you an insight of the field you are exploring. They act like a movie teaser and save you from becoming John Snow of Corporate sector (helps you find your sector).

I pursued my summer internships at Netcamp, National Instruments Innovation Center (Greater Noida) and finally in 2020 I got accepted as a Summer Research Intern at Applied Power Electronics Lab (APEL), IIT Bombay.The project title being Battery Management System (BMS). Later being a Lab based internship; I was unable to capitalize on it due to Covid-19 Pandemic.

6.What are the projects that you have done in 4 years and how did they help in your placement and internship?

→ Projects are one of the best Ninja Techniques to learn, explore and conquer any field of your taste. A realistic and ambitious project keeps the spirit of learning high, resulting in completion of the project.In my first year, I implemented Web development, web server hosting, android app development and a networking project on Linux. From second year onwards, to get the crunch of EEE-the projects were mostly focused on EEE core. Some EEE Ninja Turtles were by my side, when I tried my hands on projects like Power Factor Correction, Speed control of Induction motor and power electronics converter designing. Sliding mode control of Buck-Boost converter is really close to my heart as it is the project that helped me realize my limits and potential. It took me around 3–4 months just to grasp the concept, later on strengthening my knowledge in the fields of Control Systems, Power Electronics and EV’s.All these projects were instrumental in helping me to get the opportunity as a Summer Research Intern at IITB. In the last quarter of 2020, I started applying for off-campus internship/ placement opportunities and was fortunate to get a Project Intern position at BAJAJ Auto Ltd.A good bunch of projects conveys your overall track record in various domains. This results in a good overall base on which you could conquer your interviews and any other applications.

7. How to apply for Research Internships at IITs & IISC?

→ Some misconceptions and their real scenario:

  1. high CGPA (>8.5) 🡪[The higher is the CGPA the better but it’s not the only deciding factor. Projects & lab experience matters]

General application steps:

  1. List down all the professors according to your field of interest.

Contents of standard application:Resume with a Cover Letter & Letter of Recommendations (LOR’s). Remember to KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid).Never ever send more than one application to same department of the particular Institute, it can backfire. Be honest in the interview & don’t glorify yourself, mention your skills in e-mail draft.

8. How to apply for off-campus Internship and FTE opportunities?

→ Create contacts via LinkedIn and official websites. Application process remains same as mentioned above with some minor changes in cover letter.

9.What was the selection procedure for your company?

→ As mentioned above, I applied to BAL via off-campus e-mail application (to HR). After which, a telephonic interview was scheduled. The interview was mostly focused on my core strengths, projects and resume. Followed by a technical interview at the plant, I was appointed the position of Project Intern.

10.Apart from a good CGPA, what are the other skills required in cracking the interviews of core companies?

→ Core companies do focus on conceptual topics. Effective communication and thorough subject knowledge are essential to crack their interviews.

11.What was the toughest part for you while giving the interviews?

→ Making the interviewer understand my projects and their utilization was indeed a challenging task. Sometimes the interviewer can’t justify the toughness and complexities of your project, as they might not be familiar with the concepts and fields you worked on. Explaining the concept in some sort of story is what I prefer, it makes a better communication.

12.What are your future plans? Would you like to go for higher studies?

→ I haven’t yet decided for higher studies. Targeting my weaker aspects and improving them in corporate sector is what I am focusing for now. Depending upon the need of the hour I’ll further make appropriate choice.

13.What is your advice to the juniors who want to get placed in the field you’ve chosen?

→ Power Electronics, Control Systems, Electrical Machine control and System modelling are my fields of interests. The EV(Electric vehicle) sector is a combination of all these fields. Practical implementation is the key to master these fields. Some ambitious projects would definitely be instrumental in your learning journey. These projects will further serve as a Shastra to crack the interviews.Various EV and tech start-ups have bloomed recently and they do provide opportunities for all the talented potheads out there. In order to apply for these start-ups one must hunt for the opportunities via their official websites and LinkedIn connections. LinkedIn is like a Doremon for job search, it’s just a matter of a doracake (an application) and you can get some really awesome opportunities. Following is a list of EV start-ups

  1. ION Energy (Battery Management Systems-BMS)

I believe the fact that ‘We get what we deserve’. If you think you didn’t achieve it yet, then keep working until you hunt it down. Just remember keep consistency and time will show the results. Whenever you enter the dark realm of self-doubt, just have a talk with your soul friend (the one in the mirror) he’ll guide you out of it.Best of Luck!!!



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