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5 min readFeb 14, 2023

In which company have you been placed? Please describe your job role.

I got a 6-month intern+ full-time offer from Amadeus Software Lab

as a software engineer.

When and how did you decide between a core and software job? Also, mention the ideal time to choose according to you.

I decided this at the beginning of my third year, but I would suggest deciding it in your second year only as you delay you find it difficult to crack an internship.

So according to me, it is best to decide in your second year.

How much CGPA should one maintain to be allowed to sit in an interview for any core/software company?

Any senior would suggest you keep it above 8 some would even say 8.5, but according to the current scenario of offline classes, I would say keep it above 7.5 minimum.

How early should one start preparing for internships and which platform did you use to grab it? Where did you pursue your internship and if not then what was your alternative? Is it necessary to have internships for good placement?

I used Leetcode and codeforces for my preparation and I would suggest you start preparing in your 4th semester. I was unable to crack an internship. I did a course on Django Framework.No, it is not necessary to crack an internship. Many students have been well-placed even though they failed to crack an internship. I would strictly recommend practicing coding daily for at least one hour.

Which clubs and societies were you a part of and how did they help you?

I have been a part of EEEsoc since my 1st year, and right now I am the President of EEEsoc. It was very helpful for me. The seniors assisted me with a lot of extracurricular work which helped me to grow personally and professionally. I genuinely believe that the aforementioned things have added a lot of value in shaping my personality and are some of the best memories of my college days.

What are the technical skills that are important for EEE graduates?

You should have a basic knowledge of EEE subjects and maintain a good CGPA. Moreover, it entirely depends on the field you are going forward with, for example, if you wish to be a Software Developer, some of the desired skills would be: good problem-solving, a strong understanding of Data Structures & Algorithms, and knowledge of the fundamentals of computer science. Similarly, it will be different for other domains. But I recommend MATLAB and Simulink as a must for EEE students

How can one use time effectively and manage their time between academics, extracurricular activities (along with projects, learning job-based skills), and social life?

I would suggest you study daily, especially in the case of difficult subjects. You have to keep on giving your daily efforts. But you can devote your evenings after coming back from college to preparing DSA or CP or making some projects and taking breaks in the middle.

What was the selection procedure of your company? How did you prepare for it and what was the toughest part of the interview?

There is no such toughest part of the interview. It depends on the company for which you have applied, but I would suggest you focus on the HR round. If you even practice for one hour or two it is sufficient. I tried to be as much consistent as I can with coding, and giving contests was a crucial part of this. I researched thoroughly the company and the job requirements. I also went through interview experiences of people who have made it through and brushed up on DSA, DBMS, OOPs, and OS.

Please tell us something about the Training and Placement Portal of our college.

The TNP portal of our college is nice. They bring a lot of companies into the college and the process is also smooth, but you need to make sure that any notice that comes on the TNP portal, you strictly have to adhere to it. Like if it says you don’t have to register for this particular company, strictly adhere to it else you can even get debarred from placements for a couple of months. The TNP coordinators are also extremely helpful. You can even contact any other TNP coordinator of other branches as well.

What are your future plans?

Right now I would like to stick to this company and continue this domain and after a couple of months, I may go for pursuing MBA.

If we don’t get placed in the right company according to our aspirations, then what should we do?

There are a lot of companies that keep on coming constantly to the campus even now. If you fail to get your dream company, you can try for any other company as well, there are a lot of chances in BIT. Just keep preparing, keep applying for good companies and at the same time try reaching out to companies and recruiters on LinkedIn for Off-Campus. Have patience and regular updates with the TNP portal and don’t drop your preparation and look out for every opportunity.

What would be your message/advice for your juniors in different years respectively?

My advice to the juniors would be to enjoy all four years of college life but at the same time be serious in your academics and keep preparing for your internships and placements and Be consistent with coding. Have a strong understanding of the basics and try to do at least 1–2 projects about any domain of your choice.

Which coding language is more suitable for competitive coding for the coding round in placement? Which platform to use for competitive coding?

I think you should go with C++ because you’ll get to learn a lot from it and almost the majority of students prepare CP from C++. If the platform is concerned then Codechef and Codeforces is the best platform for CP. Trying to give contests on these platforms is the best way to become good at CP.

Is it important to have complete knowledge of web development/machine learning or any skill to make projects and to give interviews?

I don’t think that you need to have knowledge of everything, just choose one domain and stick to it and it could be enough. I

Had done projects on web development. I would strongly suggest you

To add somewhat different and innovative things in your project which will surely impress the interviewers.

Being a non-CSE student are certificates of software subjects important for placements?

No, certificates are not the ultimate necessity in placements, it just shows that you are interested in the particular field.

Despite knowing the demerits of the IT sector, why did you choose this?

I choose the IT sector depending on my interest. Every field /sector will

have some pros and cons. But in the end, our skill matters the most.



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